Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 12th June 2019

This week is Mens Health week.

If you have been following over on Facebook you will see that I have an offer just for the guys this week.

See most men hit the age of 30 and realise that somewhere along the line they lost there ability to thrive on a football pitch or run miles without feeling an ache or pain and then there is that extra few inches that crept onto their waist lines.

Live and let live you may say, but did you know that this extra weight around their waist lines is a danger sign for such diseases as Diabetes and heart disease, even stroke.

If my life was about to be limited within the next 10 years and there was something I could do about it, I would rather know about that now.

​​​​​​​the solution does not have to be giving up alcohol and becoming a saint.

​​​​​​​Often it just takes a few small dietary adjustments and a little more structured exercise.

That’s why I have been giving away FREE one month passes to those men who would like a little guidance.

Its only on this week and only available to new clients, but if you are a man, or know a man that could benefit, he could earn himself a FREE month with us by simply getting in touch this week.

Please help spread the message and get in touch here if you want a pass.

Marita ‘ helping the men this week’ Moore

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