Young drivers in Stockport to get road safety tips

Over the next fortnight road safety officers from Stockport Council will visit Cheadle and Marple College and work with the students to improve their driving skills.

Students will have the opportunity to use a driver simulator to develop their driving skills and will be tested on their reactions and how to deal with common hazards faced on the highway.

They’ll receive information about driving safely from road safety officers supervising the activity.

In the last three years 142 young drivers aged 25 years and under have been injured on Stockport’s roads. In addition 46 young passengers have been injured in vehicles driven by these young drivers.

Greater Manchester Police is supporting the activity by providing a “crashed car” donated by the parents of a young driver tragically killed by another driver’s reckless and thoughtless driving.

The vehicle will be displayed at the Cheadle Campus over the first week in February.

Additionally, there will be a motorcyclist specialist in attendance explaining about training schemes and giving information about the importance of wearing protective clothing and safety helmets.

Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick, Executive Member for Education said: “What happened to that young lad was tragic and shows what the consequences are if you don’t drive safely.

“Our road safety officers are there to give advice and to help the students develop their driving skills and hopefully help prevent more accidents from happening.”