Top back to school stresses for South Manchester parents revealed

As mums and dads in South Manchester prepare for the kids going back to school, a new survey has revealed what stresses us out most about this time of year.

Parents in our region say keeping the house tidy and keeping up to date with chores is their biggest pressure.

That’s closely followed by getting the children out of the door in time for school and getting back into their morning routine.

The poll shows the back to school period is one of the most hectic time for one in five parents in South Manchester.

The top stresses for South Manchester were revealed here:
1. Keeping the house tidy and the chores up to date (39 per cent)
2. Getting the children ready and out of the door in time for school (32 per cent)
3. Getting back into a school/morning routine after the school holidays (32 per cent)
4. Getting children to do their homework/reading (30 per cent)
5. Getting children to eat certain foods (27 per cent)
6. Making sure my children are well behaved in public (24 per cent)
7. The bedtime routine (24 per cent)
8. Getting children to clean their teeth (23 per cent)
9. Remembering everything they need for school (21 per cent)
10. The back to school period (20 per cent)