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Wednesday 22nd March 2017

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My week has finished on a high thanks to the triathlon expo at event city.

Now for those who do not know my background, Two years ago saw me completing a cycle from London to Paris in an attempt to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer care, after my sister in law died of breast cancer.

Safely back onto UK soil, I was then involved in a near death crash on my bike, when my brakes failed at the top of a steep descent.

Out of control, reaching speeds of 40 plus miles I speed out onto a main road, summersaulted through two metal posts and landing into a barbed wire fence face first.

The visual scars on my face where nothing compared to the ones inside as I began to fear my own bike.

So what does one do to overcome such a thing?

Well me being me I decided to up my game, throw in two more disciplines and book myself onto my first triathlon.

So did it work?

Well I am still here and now I have a healthy addiction to the world that is swim, bike, run and what a world that is.

This Saturday I was made up to meet and chat to two extremely inspiring woman at the triathlon expo.

Dame Sara Storey who is a multiple gold medal winner for cycling and swimming despite being born without a functioning left hand and Shu Pillinger an ultra-distance cyclist who became the first British woman to complete the race across America despite suffering a broken collar bone and severe hallucinations from the heat and lack of sleep.

Through chatting to these incredible woman I wanted to understand what is it they have to complete these amazing journeys.

What sets them aside from those that have a dream or an ambition.

And what was soon apparent is that the only difference between them and anyone else is that they started the journey, they took the leap of faith and began to train.

This resonates so much for me, had I never trained for triathlon, I would still be scared of bikes, had I not signed up for London to Paris I would not have raised lots of money for a good cause.

Had I not attended my first keep fit session as a child I would never know what my body is capable of.

Signing up to a class or an event is the first step to any inspiring journey and to help you with this first step Lotus Fitness academy is offering any woman out there (in honour of mother’s day) A FREE week at the academy.

To find out how to claim this week 26th to the 1st April simply drop us an email

Marita xxx

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