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Wednesday 28th June 2017

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So how has your week been?

Doesn’t the sunshine make a difference?

It naturally brightens up my mood and I’m sure it has a similar effect on most people.

That got me thinking about the one thing we all worry about in summer …….Bikini bodies!

So be honest who set out with good intentions to get that bikini body ready for summer, but life got in the way and here we are in the sunshine in the baggy tops because we want to hide away our shape?

Don’t be shy stand up now.

See that is the first step to getting help, admitting that we have something we want to change.

I’ve done it plenty of times, when my sister died I booked to cycle from London to Paris for charity.

I then spent 6 months looking at my bike thinking not today I am just too busy, I’ll do it tomorrow instead.

Guess what tomorrow became tomorrow and i still was too busy, so I decided to put my fate in the hands of a trusted expert and suddenly with someone to answer too I was cycling.

It’s not that I could not have trained myself, this is what I do for a living, and it’s not that I got any less busy.

Being accountable to someone else however sure has a way of getting you motivated.

Reaching my goal was amazing, and lead on to so many other achievements, but if id left it down to myself I’d still be looking at that bike saying tomorrow.

Now this week I thought I would help you guys out, I am going to make it real easy to take that step and join my fit camps that get real results.

This July only I will be offering you a little something special.

The first 10 people that sign up for Fit Camp will receive a FREE bikini for the woman or flip flops for the men.

Now this offer is only for the first 10 people so be quick so you don’t miss out get in touch here and we can get you in this July to get you body confident.

Marita xxx

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