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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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So last weekend was spent supporting my client at the London Marathon.

What a journey that has been to actually get to D day!

See this particular client is a 3 time Ironman and ultra distance endurance runner, so as you can see no stranger to big challenges.

This time around however he has been struggling with injuries that have actually meant he has been on leg rest for the past 8 weeks.

Not ideal when you want to complete the marathon in under 3 hours.

That got me thinking about expectations in the real world.

Now myself as a coach I am equipped with the knowledge and know how to get any client to event day.

I have what I call the A pass.

But what most people don’t realise is that often the initial schedule drawn up by a coach and a client is not the one we follow.

Now this is not because either of us have done anything wrong, it is in fact because you can plan all you like but life will always throw in some extra hurdles to get past.

So say you start at the beginning of the plan and things are going really well, you are seeing your clothes get looser or you’re ticking the miles off at a comfortable pace and then boom….

You are halted….

This could be because your work interfered with the plan and you had to stay on late therefore missing your session. It could be that you had a weak moment and raided the cookie jar or it could be that your ankle went ping and now you are hobbling along and no chance of running on that foot.

So what do you do when life throws you a curve ball?

Well you could do what most people do and give in, or you could go back to basics and rewrite the script.

Now if your coach has written for you to do X Y and Z this week but you only have time for X, then do X.

You need to accept that you won’t get to your goal as quick as if you do X Y and Z but you will still be further than if you don’t do anything because it seems impossible to fit it all in.

And trust me, your trainer knows that life can get in the way and they are not here to judge you but to guide you back on to the path.

Now yes that means getting you to be honest with yourself and admit that you had a choice with the cookie jar, and the late shift at work even though that could not be avoided will still have to be accounted for when we tot up results.

And the injuries you may sustain, they are part and parcel of you pushing yourself and ultimately teaching you how to listen to your body.

But I guarantee you that on event day no matter what the result, if you can stand there and say you did your best, your coach will be beaming with pride as I was this weekend.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer about anything training or nutrition related just pop me over an email here

Marita xxx

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