Sam Roscoe: My HIIT experience

So far on my Get Fit journey I’ve been running and I’ve done some light work in the gym. I’ve always looked at classes and never really taken an interest in them, I usually like to stick to doing my own thing. But, after reading about group classes and how beneficial they are, I wanted to try and get involved in one.

Our good friends at Life Leisure host lots of fantastic classes across the region, they invited me to take part in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class on Wednesday night.

Normally, when I go to the gym, I have a little set routine that I like to do, this involves: a warm up on the cross trainer, squats, lunges and various weights to work my shoulders and arms etc.

The good thing with the HIIT class was that I was working the core muscles I don’t normally give a proper workout to. The variety of exercises really worked muscles all over my body. My abs might be aching this morning but it’s about time I gave them some attention…

I have had a Fitbit Surge for a few months now and I can safely say I can’t live without it! I wear it constantly and it’s changed how I think about doing activity. By being constantly monitored I now have the mindset that I have to do something moderately active everyday because I’m either sat at a desk or in the studio not moving.

With every workout I do, my Fitbit monitors my heart rate and lets me know how many calories I burned, one thing the data collected shows is that it definitely was an intense class!

Data collected from Sam's Fitbit Surge
Data collected from Sam’s Fitbit Surge

Don’t be put off by the name of the class, although it is high intensity, I struggled to do lots of the exercises but it took it at my own pace and I now have something to work on and improve on for next time. We all have to start somewhere!

Thanks to instructor Luke and the rest of the class, I’ll see you next week!