Food poisoning warning for Stockport and South Manchester

The weather might not be perfect for a bank holiday barbecue, but those in Stockport and South Manchester who are planning a get-together are being warned of food poisoning.

New figures show that nearly a third of people in our region will have eaten an undercooked burger this weekend.

The food standards agency is encouraging us to cook burgers all the way through, so there’s no pink meat and the juices run clear.

More than a quarter of people in Stockport wrongly believe eating a rare burger is the same as eating a rare steak.

Steve Wearne, Director of Policy at the FSA, said: “It’s important that people realise that burgers are not like steak.

“Harmful bacteria can be carried on the surface of cuts of meat.

“When a rare steak is seared these bacteria are killed, but burger meat is minced so bacteria from the surface of the raw meat gets mixed all the way through the burger.

“These bacteria can remain alive on the inside, unless the burger is fully cooked through, no matter how good quality and expensive the meat.”