Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 28th November 2018

What does mental health mean to you?

What does the word itself sum up?

Sure we have plenty of media coverage on the topic at this moment in time id agree I think we are all aware that you can get mentally ill.

Chances are we will know someone who has a mental health illness.

However do we ever think about ways in which we can prevent mental illness?

I was talking to a group of people the other day and the conversation was very interesting indeed.

These people had lots of awareness of mental health and they also could tell me a great deal about treatments raging from counselling to tablets, they even understood that exercise can help you feel better when you are feeling depressed.

But not one of them had considered that there could be a way to prevent mental illness in the first place.

In fact they did not even consider that the brain itself and the way we think was something that could be worked on until I pointed it out.

And then I could see it fall into place in their eyes.

We work on cardio to make our hearts healthy and we all know this, we work on our muscles and flexibility to achieve strength and mobility and this again is common knowledge as is the fact that if we want to weigh less we should eat a better diet.

But not many people associate the word mental health with another part of the body to keep healthy.

Within my fit camps mental health is part of the training, but this does not mean that I collect up all the people who are currently being diagnosed with mental health problems.

Don’t get me wrong some people do come straight from the doctor to the academy and get great results.

But most come and work on their mental health whilst they are still well without even realising that they are doing this.

Positive thinking, goal setting, learning to understand yourself and what makes you tick and how to deal with negativity are all key factors in every session I teach.

I cannot guarantee that you will never suffer another problem with your mental health just as no one can guarantee if you work out you will never get cancer, but I can guarantee you will be at your best should you face a challenge like this and have less chance of being affected in the first place.

Saturday 1st of December I am running a series of seminars at a holistic wellbeing morning. If you want to know more about this topic then please join us from 8:30am at St Albans church Stockport.

There will be cake and coffee and lots of holistic treatments on offer and all the money goes towards providing services for MIND

Here is the event and if you need more information simply get in touch


Marita xxx