Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 17th April 2019

Have you noticed how strange the weather has been recently?

We have seen over the past few years that the winter has had less rain fall, more sunny days and we have had snow where we have had none before.

The summer last year was delightful and is set to do the same this year also.

There is much debate over climate change being responsible for the changes and as I am not an expert in this field I cannot really comment on this as a true statement or not.

What I do know though is that changing climates mean we have to adapt to and accept that we have little control over the day being full of sunshine or full of rain.

The great thing about changing weather is that as an outdoor Fit camp, you are actually reaping the benefits over the ones who just stay inside.

Research shows us that we can burn up to 30% more calories from an outdoor workout, this is because your body is having to regulate your temperature, deal with the elements alongside the different terrain you will be working out on and the effect the weather has on that terrain.

I have been asked the question so many times, but you must stop in the rain right?


See skin is water proof and it actually helps to cool the muscles down so you can train harder.

Some of my fastest run times have been in torrential rain.

The Budz will tell you, they warm up quickly, so do not fear the cold, and they actually welcome it.

There really is a sense of power knowing you battled nature once the workout is complete.

There is also an increase in the vitamin D you absorb, and this counts for winter as well, see although it may be wet or cloudy as long as the sun is in the sky you will still be absorbing it. Vitamin D helps with depression and mood as well as helping you regulate sugar in the body which leads on to better fat loss.

We also help to give the brain a workout, By being outside you have more stimulus than being in a room. This helps your brain to collect data about its surroundings and it may also be the case that you are thinking more because you are adapting to the weather also. Using your brain is training it just as you would a muscle and therefore making it stronger.

Another great fact is that you expose yourself to germs such as in the soil and on the grass, this works to to build up a strong immune system meaning you are less likely to actually get poorly.

Those that train outside also develop quite quickly a type of resilience and strength that is like no other, you do not have to be this character to begin with, its something you develop the more you train outdoors.

It can however spill out into your life in really positive ways, giving you a sense that you can achieve great things in your work and home life.

A good example of this is one of my Budz Katie, recently had some bad news in relation to her job, she bounced right back though going onto set up her own business. This is a marker of a strong person with real guts and determination to turn a negative to a positive

My point is that if you can just get yourself to an outdoor session, especially one where there is a group of like minded individuals, you are likely to speed up results and become unstoppable.

Ask yourself how much do you want to achieve your goals, and if the answer is along the line of you would like this more than anything, then get your rain coat, get a few layers on, a pair of gloves and get booked in HERE.


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