Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 3rd April 2019

Be more mountain

My partner has an obsession with climbing really high mountains.

I remember one of our first days out together we decided to climb Snowdonia.

I had done this before so knew what to expect and was quite excited, until he took me up a path that is not very touristy and I know why!

It was steep and full of ridges.

I found it so much harder than the paths I had taken before, it was full of challenges and you really did have to earn the views at the top.

These days I tend to let him go off to the mountains by himself so he can play on those ridges alone.

There is a sense of greatness about mountains though.

A wise man once said “men do not conquer mountains, they merely sneak up them when Mother Nature is not looking”. I have to agree that from my experiences of talking the harder routes this is indeed true.

Mountains stand there in their glory and endure whatever weather comes there way, they take the good days and the bad days and withstand both without question.

We have often cancelled a trip up the mountains because a storm is coming, but never have I seen a mountain up route itself and decide to hide from the storm.

Instead it stands there, strong and resilient and accepts that the storm may change its shape, may weather away its appearance but the mountain always survives.

The mountain never worries about who will climb it that day, some people are very respectful but others leave there rubbish and come unprepared meaning a rescue may be needed or the environment is harmed. I have never heard a mountain stressing over this, worrying about the impact of the litter or if the people will be safe. The mountain does not worry about what has been or what will be, it just stands strong.

I have also noticed that whatever is thrown at a mountain, it does not crumble and disappear, it adapts to the environment where needed and continues to be a mountain.

What if we could take lessons from the act of strength?

What if we learned to let go of the worry and frustration of what has been and what will be?

What if we could learn to adapt in the storms of life and focus only on the challenge that was in that very moment?

What if we believed that no matter what this day would pass and we would live to face a brighter tomorrow?

What if we chose to not let rain stop us from training outside or the fact we had to walk today get in the way of moving forward?

Your journey is in your hands and only you have the power to get over the hurdles instead of letting them stop you in your tracks.

That chose is yours.

Don’t give up.

Be more Mountain

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Marita ‘limitless’ Moore

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