Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 27th March 2019

Do you live under a label?

Today I am going to share with you something really personal about myself, I am doing this because there is a really good point behind it.

Most of my adult life I lived under the label of a gay woman.

I did this because I dated woman and saw myself as a lesbian.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not arrive into a room and shake someone’s hand say please to meet you I am marita and I am gay, but I would tell someone if they asked or we got onto the conversation of partners.

So this all seemed well and good, until I developed feelings for a man.

Shock horror I know (took me a while to get my head round this one too)

So then I went through a whole different set of emotions, I must label myself as straight right?

Am I even straight or perhaps Bisexual?

Truth is I have fallen in love with woman before and now I have fallen in love with a man.

Who should care what I decide to call this and why do I feel the need to label it at all?

My partner certainly doesn’t care, as long as I am honest and faithful it really does not sum who I am by calling it a name.

Love is love and that is all that matters.

I then looked at how else I had labelled myself over the years.

I was a sufferer of endometrioses so I had accepted that label, I was dyslexic so I had accepted a label that I had a disability too.

In fact I was entirely made up of a bunch of labels.

Chocoholic, stubborn, scared of hights etc

These labels may well have been true for a time but in life we are constantly evolving and therefor some of these labels where actually preventing me from getting places.

Let’s take chocoholic for instances, under that label I was unable to go a few days without eating chocolate and yet that was not true. Last month I gave up chocolate for a whole month.

Labels are nothing more than limiting beliefs.

We are not designed to be limited.

I hear my clients say things like I have always struggled with weight loss, I am big boned, I am not built to lift heavy weights, I am not a runner.

I hear them say this and I choose to not label them.

Then I smile as I see them shed pounds and complete running events as they say in disbelief I never thought I could…

What labels have you given yourself?

What limiting believes are stopping you from real progress?

You do not need to justify yourself to anyone, this is your life and you get to create what is your reality, so let’s ditch the labels.

You are exactly who you should be at this moment in time and are not defined by what may have been true in the past.

Today is a clean slate where you are lucky enough to be in this body and mind writing your own story.

Have a think what you have been labelling yourself lately, I would love to hear them and help you see past the label too.

Would love to hear your thoughts guys?

Hit HERE and let me help you dispose of the labels that do not serve you.

Marita ‘limitless’ Moore

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