Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 13th March 2019

In my line of work I get to see a lot of people who struggle with excess weight gain.

I also have come across a lot of wonder products that promise to zap your weight away and diet trends from eating the same food to eating none at all.

Guess what?

Those that buy the wonder products always return a little lighter in the pocket and either the same weight or some are actually twice as heavy.

The dieters tend to do a little better on the new craze however as the months pass by they also return after realising that the diet only works when you are on it and it has been unsustainable for them.

Once they return the real work begins.

The hard work, they slow and steady process of eating just enough to avoid stalling the fat loss process but less than they actually burn of in physical activity.

There is no golden bullet, no quick fixes or magic potions.

A diet is anything related to eating, I could eat chocolate all day and call this a diet, I could also lose weight on it so long as ate less than I burned. But I guarantee you I would not be getting in all I needed to run a healthy and fit body.

So why do we do it to ourselves, why are we looking the answer in the face and still asking for another option?

Because we don’t like what we here.

We don’t want to be told that weight loss does not happen overnight, we want it now and yet 3 years from now we will still be wanting it now while those that just got on and accepted the truth will already be at their goal weight long before us.

So as we hit the home straight of the first quarter of the year ask yourself this.

Is what I am doing working?

Is what I am doing causing me to feel more comfortable in my clothes?

Is what I am doing getting me to my goal, or is what I am doing actually preventing me from getting to my goal?

Would love to hear where you are at in month 3 of 2018, reply here and let me know….

Marita ‘stop avoiding the truth’ Moore

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