Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 20th February 2019

So the other week one of my long standing clients was telling me about her new apple watch.

She told me that it was helping her with her activity as there are three circles you have to close on it each day, one being rest one being food and one being exercise.

As she spoke to me I was smiling at her enthusiasm and she was working out for herself what calories she had burned and what she needed to consume to maintain or lose weight.

She was also able to decide on what exercise was best depending on what time she had available.

So for instance a walk with the dog would take longer than a HIIT session to burn the same amount of calories.

We are so blessed to live in a world of technology that is so easily accessible.

There are many different variations of fitness gadgets out there from the cheap to the more expensive.

Some simply measure your steps whilst others take you into a journey of heart rates and metabolic science.

So what are my thoughts?

Would I advise you to go and get a gadget?

Well first of all we are all individuals so what I would ask this question first.

Are you motivated by seeing a visual of a task that is completed?

Are you interested in data?

Do you like visuals?

If you answered yes to any of these then I would say a gadget could indeed benefit you, if you are not bothered by any of these then save your money.

My own personal view is that for me technology helps me to understand my progress as I train and I can learn a lot from the data however I have invested in a Garmin which is the best out there for my sport- triathlon and I have the knowledge behind me of a sports science degree to be able to understand the data it gives me.

I will also train without my Garmin from time to time though, for instance If my session is to simply swim I will not take the Garmin as this would only make me want to compete against myself. I will also leave it at home on some sessions so that if o race day anything was to malfunction I would still be able to race without panicking over not having it.

My partner once lost his Garmin in the swim stage of a triathlon and completed his best race as he was not relying on his watch.
You should never become dependent on a device and you should always be able to do in flight checks yourself to know where you are at, but used appropriately I would say that technology can certainly help you to train.

Marita ‘technobabe’ Moore

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