Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 6th February 2019

Those of you that know me will know that last year we got a little puppy named Piper.

If you want to see her or hear about her adventures then hop over to my Instagram where you can hear her tell you all about her naughty mishaps.

Piper turned 1 on the 9th of January and boy has she kept me on my toes so far.

Last week I came home to discover that she had learned how to open the cupboard that leads to all the animal treats and helped herself through not only her stash but that of my two cats also.

The week before this she discovered that we have a bin in the house and that bin has lots of exciting things in it for a young pup……the fact I had cooked a chilli the night before was not helpful as the tomato sauce from the tins got everywhere.

Then there was the time when she cleared the gate in the back garden and took herself to the park to roll in fox poo and come back to show of her knew perfume.

Now she is not always this naughty she is actually mostly well behaved but one thing I have noticed is her behaviour depends on her routine.

When she is in a set routine and has two walks a day and meals at her set time and given structured play she actually listens well and lets me get on with my work.

Its only when she gets out of routine that she becomes the demon dog

This got me thinking about how I function in life.

If I am in a routine and I eat at set time I don’t tend to overeat or crave the naughty stuff, but f my day is hectic and perhaps i miss lunch then you will find me cruising the chocolate cupboard.

The same can be said for my movement too.

If I am getting up early instead of lying in I just function better at getting stuff done or working out, whereby a lie in although seems nice at the time is never really worth it.

Firstly I wake up anyway and drifting back of just makes me not want to get out of bed and then I am catching my tail all day to catch up and generally miss out on working out which then makes me struggle to sleep.

Routines are actually good for us, they help us form patterns and know what to expect.

There are of course good and bad routines, for instance 5 more minutes in bed each morning can become routine and this would make my life chaotic but equally getting up 5 mins early can become routine and can help take the stress out of my day.

What are your routines and are they serving you well or hindering you?

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Marita ‘bring on the routine’ Moore

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