Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 30th January 2019

So I am guessing you cant wait to hear about my ski holiday right?

Ok well don’t worry I am not going to gloat about it, but I do want to share some valuable lessons learnt.

So when I found out I was going Snowboarding I was both excited and scared.

See I have not been on a board for 7 years and well I have never been on a snow covered mountain.

What I did have though was an inbuilt fear of falling, hurting myself or being out of control.

Now this fear comes from my bike crash many years ago and I work on it every day in the things I do here. So my bike skills are getting better, my fear of walking hills are getting less and I am generally proud of where I have come from.

I had however not tried a board since that accident.

So my first day on the slopes with a beginner lesson consisted of me shaking and holding onto my instructor and having a mini breakdown.

I know how to snowboard, I used to do it with ease and confidence, but day one I was a mess.

Day two I did not even want to go back into the lesson, but I made myself do it anyway.

My instructor was amazing, she was patient and understood where I was coming from and was great at getting me to believe in myself again.

Over the four days we chatted at length at what I was and wasn’t afraid of.

I began to understand myself better, Firstly, it was not so much the height, it was the other people around me and the thought of a collision.

I would quite happily throw myself to the floor, so I was not afraid of a controlled fall only the ones that I could not control.

My instructor pointed out that my technique was great but I was actually staying in the position that wears your quads out instead of changing the muscle group. This was because that was the difference in turning my back to where I was heading, another control issue.

Day five came and I left the safety of my instructor to practice what I had learned.

Being alone was terrifying, but as I completed a piste on my own I felt empowered.

I also discovered some great things up there on my own with the snow.

1. Nobody is brilliant right away, it takes practice and exposure and getting things wrong to get to be a good snowboarder.

2. The more you do something the more your shoulders drop, for me this was because I knew the layout of the piste, the fast spots or the tough corners.

3. Fear can either prevent you from succeeding and in which case it tends to grow and spread, or it can be your fire. I was afraid but i repeated the course and challenged that fear and eventually it lost its power over me.

4. obstacles make you stronger, so I had to unclip from the board and take lifts that where designed for skiers amongst other obstacles. At first I let them convince me that I was at a disadvantage, but then I began to see them differently. Obstacles made me burn more calories, made my muscles work harder and therefor stronger and once I had mastered the lift I had up skilled.

Now I tell you my story so you can share my lessons.

Nobody gets fit by thinking about being fit, we need to take action and understand its ok to start of unfit.

Routine helps us to learn the ropes, so for me I got to know what the slope had for me, but a newbie at camp has potential to set into the routine, to know they may need a light snack before camp or that they perform better when they are hydrated.

Everyone experiences fear from me on a mountain top to a newbie at camp wondering if they will get through their session.

Obstacles make us strong, a crash for me on the slopes meant that I learned how to protect myself from other skiers, for you having life get in the way such as a late finish at work meaning you miss a session can teach you to be prepared with a back up session of your own, or low motivation at the end of the day that could prevent you from working out doesnt because your fit friends are picking you up over whatsapp to get the workout in.

There are lessons in everything we do, and if you listen and you want it then you will make it work for you.

Get in touch here and let me know what it is you struggle with…

Marita ‘king of the French Alps’ Moore

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