Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 23rd January 2019

So go on then, how many emails have you received for meal replacements so far?

By meal replacements I mean Juice Plus, Boombod, Magic Beans, Quick Fixes and basically any diet that is distracting you from acknowledging the truth that losing weight is a long process.

I have only been back from my ski holiday for 3 days and already my budz are being hounded on social media by people that do not care about there fat loss.

Now my guys are smart because they have taken on the advice of an expert, and if they are unsure they just ask said expert before they sign up to anything.

So far they have saved themselves lots of cash and lots of frustration when they have to start all over again.

So most of you know that quick weight loss potions are too good to be true.

But what is your thoughts on the latest diet trends?

Surly a sensible or scientific diet works right?

Well let me explain two things, first of all, a diet is simply what we eat.

You could be on the McDonalds menu diet for instance or you could be on the cabbage diet and legally both terms are correct and factual and both could make you lose weight as well as put weight on.

If you ate from McDonalds less calories than you burned of you would lose weight.

Check out Ryan Williams Mcdonalds diet here

He showed the world that all food is, is fuel and you can get results of all food.

Now I am not suggesting that you copy him, he himself only did this to make a point. However I do want you to think about the word diet and what it means to you.

All diets work.

From the cabbage diet to Paleo and even intermittent fasting.

The problem comes when we can not maintain them and most diets are not maintainable.

If you could stand to stay on the cabbage diet forever you would become deficient in some vitamins.

​​​​​​​Intermittent fasting comes with slightly different problems, you can not train efficiently when you are on a low calorie day so this affects progress in your workouts and diets like the Cambridge diet restrict calorie intake to the point that your body burns muscles as fuel and we all know what happens when we lose muscle.

Now the second thing I wanted to highlight is that we are all different and unique.

Some people will suit some diets more than others, so your mate in finance who is a strict Paleo might well do great on that way of eating, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

​​​​​​​Ultimately all these diets are doing, is masking the real issue.

Your relationship with food.

If you can eat a varied diet and control portion size dependant on how much energy you use (being honest here so walking the dog is not equivalent to building muscle and stregnth in a session).

You will lose weight slowly over time.
That is right slowly not fast, but you will stand a greater chance of keeping it of, because you are changing your relationship with food to suit your way of life.

Now if you would like some guidance on nutrition then please ask an expert like me, not your mate from accounts.

Happy to answer your questions just get in touch here

Marita ‘slow and steady always wins’ Moore

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