Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 16th January 2019

Has your festive food pallet finally spoke up and demanded that you stop eating yet?

Are you craving vegetables and fruit and wanting to rest your liver?

Is detoxing on your mind?

At this time of year I get asked about detoxing a lot, and I completely understand, we have often had a month of excess and want to fell clean inside and out.

The most common detox you will find is the juice detox and you can look to pay anything between £60 if you do it yourself or £200 if you buy in the ready-made juice.

Not exactly cheap right?

There are benefits of a juice detox, you will certainly increase you your vegetable and fruit intake and the juice is quick to absorb into the system meaning you get vitamins in quicker.

It also means that left over fruit and vegetables don’t get wasted as we can juice the stuff that is a bit too old to eat.

But did you know that this kind of detox can actually have a high number of draw backs?

First of all your body is designed to eat solid food, so when we liquefy it the body actually loses satisfaction and could make you feel like you still need food, even though calorie wise you have had your fill. This can lead to overeating.

A juice detox also lacks protein and without this the body will search for it within itself, it finds it in the muscles and breaks them down to utilise their stores, this however means that you will now need fewer calories than you did before as your metabolism slows down. But you will not feel less hungry. Often the effects of this are not noticed till after the detox when we gain weight more easily.

Fruit contains a sugar called fructose and this is removed from the blood by the liver, when it has to remove large amounts such as on a juice diet it actually gets overworked and this puts a strain on the body. Large amounts of sugar in the body not only leave you at risk of becoming insulin resistant but also sends us on a cycle of sugar highs where we feel we are giddy and sugar lows where we are irritable and moody and tired.

When we juice fruit we lose the insoluble fibre and this can have two effects on the body, number one is that we become constipated and number two is that the digestive tract builds up with plaque. See insoluble fibre actually cleans out the digestive tract as it passes through.

Fruit juice is also a diuretic which can leave us dehydrated and place strain on the kidneys.

The crazy thing about this is that your body actually detoxes itself to an excellent standard, the liver, kidney and intestines are highly evolved to remove waste and allow the body to renew and rejuvenate.

There is no scientific evidence that a juice detox works and also experts recommend that any longer than 3-4 days can actually be detrimental to the health of your body.

There is a way however that you can detox that is not harmful, if you cut back on processed food, alcohol and sugar your body will feel better for it.

There is no harm in having a vegetable and fruit juice from time to time but let your body do what it is designed to do and stop wasting money on claims that have never been proved.

Marita ‘2019’ Moore

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