Fitness Blog with Lotus Fitness Academy 7th November 2018

What is the benefits of an outdoor Fit Camp in winter?

The first question people ask me when they find out I am the North wests leading Fit Camp provider is, ‘what happens when it rains/snows or is cold? ’

The answer is we train whatever the weather.

Outdoor Fitness session will burn 30% more calories than an indoor session of the same type?

Add into the mix a bad weather day and you are melting away that fat.

This is because the body is busy regulating temperature and adapting to the surroundings.

The academy BUDZ will also tell you they do not feel the cold, they welcome the rain and they too never thought they would hear themselves say that!

The fact we use intermittent cardio and weight training in the session also means that when you go home have your shower and sit on the sofa to eat your tea, you will still be burning a higher amount of calories than normal. This is due to fact your muscles are still recovering their reserves from the session.

But what other benefits do you get on an outdoor session like ours?

Increased immunity – exposing yourself to the elements actually increases your immune system keeping you safe from the lurgy. This is great if you are prone to catching stuff or you work around children or an environment such as a hospital where germs are high.
A support network like no other – because you are part of a team that turn up not knowing what is in store you bond close and support each other to succeed. I love the camaraderie I see at camp, there is lots of laughter and sticking together and teasing the trainer. I myself won’t scream at them to get stuff done but I will encourage you to test your limits because that is how you adapt and grow. The team know this and really celebrate each other’s achievements.
Results – when you have a team of people to highlight your strengths and encourage your success you are already on the right path, but if you throw into the mix an instructor like myself who has over 20 years’ experience that basically holds your hand and shows you the best route for your needs, not the collective groups needs you simply cannot fail. Yes you will find cheaper packages out there but a good fitness camp needs to be more expensive than a cheap gym membership because it costs money to train the instructors and to deliver high quality training with behind the scenes follow ups. Every single one of my budz has a file with a working plan on getting them to where they want to be. For me your results are extremely important, because your success paves the way for the next client.
But do not take my word for it, come and see yourself.

We are currently offering all ImagineFM fans the chance to do a month worth £45 for £10 this is an amazing way to sample and see for yourself the amazing path you could be on to achieving the health and wellbeing you deserve.

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